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SOLD | Rainbow Callas I | 16" x 16"


16" x 16" | ready to hang | mixed media on birch

This series represents the wild pink calla lilies that I walked among on my Camino. Calla lilies are a flower that are perceived as delicate & precious in the U.S. and it seemed extraordinary that they were found growing wild throughout coastal Portugal & Spain.  When I returned home I enjoyed representing them as abstracted white + pink glowing ring shapes floating in marshes & shallow bodies of water.

This series represents my lived experience of walking the ancient pilgrimage trails of El Camino de Santiago from Portugal to Spain. While on the Camino, I was able to fill a small sketchbook of impressions and drawings. After returning to home and studio I have enjoyed fleshing out the simple drawings into a series of paintings that encompass the physical and spiritual experience - sharing how it felt to be there.