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  • Meet The Artist

In my work the figure is at the center of a magical and symbolic universe.

My creative journey began in my birthplace of Caracas, Venezuela and has taken me to live in cities as disparate as Seattle, Santa Barbara, Chattanooga, Miami and now Greenville, SC.  

During the past twenty years I have relished every chapter and especially each of the buildings that have nurtured me and my work.  From my first studio on Whidbey Island, Washington to the 100 year old historic brick edifice we remodeled in the heart of Chattanooga’s Main Street to the 1976 Airstream that I gutted and settled into the midst of a five acre tropical forest in Miami- all have allowed me to surround myself in a natural world charged with preternatural flora, fauna and astonishing Atmosphere. 

Of course people have also been paramount to my journey.

My artist husband, Rey Alfonso, our family, friends and the most loyal and impassioned collectors I could have imagined have walked beside me on my path.  

My work is powered by depth of engagement with my subject matter + materials and a healthy dose of obsession with the natural world. 

Patricia DeLeon holds a BFA in Fine Art Photography, Fibres and Art History from Western Washington University.  DeLeon is widely collected in the US, Canada and Latin America.  She lives and works in Greenville, South Carolina